Corporate Insurance

Eliminating risk is essential - we can help

Ensure that you can continue business as usual despite a number of serious changes or events occurring in relation to your company by talking with us about a variety of options available to your team and you.

Every company has valuable assets and valuable people who need financial protection suited to their business needs. Business insurance protects a business against the loss of its valuable lives or key personnel; stabilizes the business through the establishment of better credit relations; and provides a practical plan for the retirement of business interests in the event of one of the owner’s deaths.

  • Key Person Coverage: Business owners may take out an insurance policy on the life of a key employee. This policy is designed to provide cash to hire and train a replacement and replace lost revenues and profits in the event of the death of the employee.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements: These agreements are drawn up when two or more persons, generally with a business relationship, set out the conditions under which one may buy out the other’s interest. It is usually funded by life insurance, in full or in part.
  • Succession Planning: When a company plans to replace important executives by preparing suitable people to fill their positions.
  • Salary Continuation Program: A salary continuation plan is an agreement whereby the employer agrees to continue the employee’s salary at retirement, death or, in some cases, disability.