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Tax Return Filing Tips

Every year over 25 million Canadians file a personal income tax return. In the not-so-distant past, the majority of tax returns were filed manually, which required tax payers to complete the paper forms, assemble the package, attach receipts and mail the return to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

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Pension Income Splitting

Pension income splitting is a highly valuable element of retirement planning because it offers retirees an opportunity to increase overall family after-tax income through a reduction of the combined income tax liability.

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Benefits Arising From Education Have a Cost

The average tuition fee for undergraduate programs in Canada reached $5,772 for the 2013-2014 school year. These newly released statistics suggest that Canadians planning for their children's future education need to continually review their savings plans in order to meet the ever-increasing cost of a financially secure future.

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Spousal Trusts and Life Insurance

A testator will often transfer assets into a trust for his or her surviving spouse after death. Learn more about the strategies to do so.

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Life Insurance Shares

There are times when a business owner may wish to use the business to fund a life insurance policy and have the proceeds from the policy flow to a specific party. One planning strategy to achieve the business owner's objectives and avoid the imposition of a taxable shareholder benefit is to use "life insurance shares".

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Did You Know?

TSFA is an abbreviation for Tax-Free Savings Account. Learn more here.

Did You Know?

policy holder is the individual or business that buys the insurance policy.

Did You Know?

Fair market value - The price a willing buyer would pay a willing seller if neither was under any compulsion to buy or sell.  It is the standard at which property is valued for a deemed disposition.

Did You Know?

A Bear Market is a declining financial market

Did You Know?

Capital Cost Allowance - A taxation term, equivalent to depreciation, that makes allowance for the wearing away of a fixed asset.