Guaranteed Investment Certificates

The low risk option

In some cases, you may wish to avoid higher risk options for your investments. For such a case, we offer these certificates.

GICs give your portfolio guaranteed growth and reassurance that your money is secure. These certificates are usually sold by Canadian banks and trust companies. Denominations, rates of interest, and terms vary from one financial institution to another.

GICs have many benefits:

  • Growth – your investment is guaranteed to grow, regardless of how the markets perform;
  • Dependability – your interest rate is guaranteed not to fluctuate throughout the term;
  • Security – your original investment will be returned with interest at maturity, guaranteed;
  • Flexibility – ideal inside or outside your RRSP, you can choose the term and interest options that are right for you;
  • Simplicity – an investment that’s guaranteed to grow.

At Drover Financial, we can offer various types of GICs with competitive rates of interest.