Life Insurance

Peace of mind for your business

Through a number of different types of life insurance, it is possible for you to provide security to both your employees and your business.

Insurance that pays a lump-sum death benefit to the estate, or to the named beneficiary, at death of the individual upon whose life the policy is based (the life insured). Here are a few different kinds of Life Insurance:

  • Business Insurance: Business insurance protects a business against the loss of its valuable lives or key personnel; stabilizes the business through the establishment of better credit relations; and provides a practical plan for the retirement of business interests in the event of the death of one of the owners.
  • Individual Insurance: Insurance purchased on an individual basis, which covers only one person or, in some cases, members of the person’s family as well.
  • Term Life Insurance:  Temporary life insurance payable on the death of the life insured, provided that death occurs within the specified period outlined in the policy.
  • Term to 100:  A permanent insurance policy with level premium payments that provides insurance coverage to age 100 of the life insured.  Most term to 100 policies are purchased if the policy holder is seeking a low-cost policy for the entirety of their life.